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What is the touch screen sensing type for Magelis XBT GT terminals.
Magelis XBT GT series terminals have resistance type touch panel.The touch panel is made of two screens on which they use a transparent resistive...
What are the certification available for ATS22 (i.e.UL,C-Tick,COC,CE, etc)?
You may find certificates for ATS22 at this link
How many Current transformers (CT) are used in Altistart 48 Soft Starter.
In the 'Q' range Altistart 48 Soft Starter two Current Transformers (CT) are used. In the 'Y' range Altistart 48 Soft Starter, three Current Transformers...
What is the booting time of Altistart 48 soft starter.
The booting time for the Altistart 48 soft starter (switch-off/switch-on) is approximately 1 second.
What is the dimension of the plate for SEA9BN12PEV and SEABN12TNA?
For the dimensional details of SEA9BN12PEV and SEA9BN12TN, you can refer dimensions of MGBN12PEV and MGBN12TNA on page 11-12 of the attached document....
How do you set the M221 to start in RUN in SoMachine Basic?
Open your SoMachine Basic program and do the following; First go to the Programming tab Task Behavior At the bottom of page under Start Up go to the...
Is M340 and M580 or Quantum can be install in SIL1 application?
M340 is not and will be not certified SIL1. The only range with SIL certification is Quantum. It is certified upto SIL3. So the Quantum family (140cpu67160s,...
Do you have any information or document for software quality management for Unity Pro and Vijeo Designer?
All SE offers are based out Quality excellence guidelines defined. You could more information about these at below Intrnet link.
Is there a Marine Certificate for LC1BM32 (Tesys B)?
Earlier LC1B series has BV certification but it is not been requested for approval since long. So, in conclusion LC1B series is now not having marine...
Is DM6200 got any marine certification?
DM6200 meter is not marine certified.
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