Provides better reach to high quality power at Home
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  • Presentation

    Behind your TV, under or on your desk, next to your sofa or bed, it’s always a headache to see cords and cables jumbling together and trapping dust easily, while there are always plenty of items that you want to power up. Schneider Electric’s Powex extension sockets can help you to solve these hassles in style easily.

  • Benefits

    • The dust cover protects the plugs and sockets from dust and spills
    • The power cord management tray lets you neatly organize the cords while keeping a sleek profile
    • With the built-in USB charger outputs, charging your gadgets becomes so convenient
    • The special wide spacing design of the socket outlet allows large plugs to fit in without blocking the neighboring one
    • Powex can also protect your connected appliances from electrical surges caused by inrush current and lightning
  • Applications

    Residential applications