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Busway & Cable Management


Canalis KXACanalis KXA

Canalis KBACanalis KBA

Rigid busbar trunking for lighting distribution

Canalis KBBCanalis KBB

Rigid busbar trunking 1 or 2 circuits for lighting distribution

Canalis KDPCanalis KDP

Flexible busbar trunking for lighting distribution

Canalis KBXCanalis KBX

Busbar trunking for high intensity lighting system

Canalis KNCanalis KN

Busbar trunking for low power distribution 160A

Canalis KSCanalis KS

Busbar trunking for medium power distribution 1000A

Canalis KTCanalis KT

Busbar trunking for high power distribution 5000A

Canalis KV (KVACanalis KV (KVA

Canalis KHFCanalis KHF

Old Offers

Canalis KDPCanalis KDP

Canalis KSCanalis KS