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Motor Starters

Soft Motor Starters

Altistart 01Altistart 01

Soft starters for simple machines 0

Altistart 48Altistart 48

Soft starters for pumps and fans 4 kW to 1200 kW

On-Off Motor Starter

TeSys LGTeSys LG

TeSys GV2TeSys GV2

TeSys LETeSys LE

Enclosed starters and equipments

TeSys UTeSys U

Starter controllers up to 15 kW

Configuration Software for Motor Starters


Configuration software for Altivar drives and Altistart soft starters

Contactors for Motor Starters

TeSys DTeSys D

Contactors 0

TeSys FTeSys F

Contactors 55 kW to 450 kW

TeSys KTeSys K

Contactors 0

TeSys BTeSys B

Bar contactors up to 900 kW