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Signaling Units

Monolithic Tower lights

Harmony XVCHarmony XVC

Monolithic indicator banks Ø 40

Harmony XVDLSHarmony XVDLS

Ø 45 miniature beacons Optimum

Modular Tower Lights

Harmony XVBHarmony XVB

Ø 70 beacons and indicator banks Universal

Harmony XVPHarmony XVP

Ø 50 indicator banks Universal

Harmony XVDHarmony XVD

Ø 70 beacons and indicator banks Application

Harmony XVMHarmony XVM

Ø 45 Indicator banks Optimum

Harmony XVEHarmony XVE

Ø 70 beacons and indicator banks Optimum

Emergency Signaling & Sirens

Harmony XVSHarmony XVS

Electronic alarms and multisound sirens

Harmony XVRHarmony XVR

Pre-cabled rotating mirrors Ø 84 to 130 mm


Old Offers

Harmony XVS ApplicationHarmony XVS Application

Sirens Ø 107 mm

Harmony XVR ApplicationHarmony XVR Application

Rotating mirrors Ø 165 mm