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Technical Training by Schneider Electric

Making you more competitive


Acquiring the necessary technical skills through training your people ensures self sufficiency which in turn pays back in terms of increased productivity, reduced downtime, increased safety and most importantly increased bottom line.

Schneider Electric Singapore has created an exhaustive range of training courses covering Industrial Control, Industrial Automation, Electrical Distribution and Advanced Application solutions.

These courses have been devised to meet the needs of electricians, consultants, project designers, engineers, facility managers, contractors, operators, maintenance technicians and etc. Each course is regularly updated to stay current with the latest technology and always package with hands-on on real-life condition exercises.

Our seasoned specialists lead the courses have vast experience in the industry to sharpen your manpower's skills by imparting them valuable knowledge and know-how.

In addition, our courses can be delivered at your site to meet your convenient if you have a large group of participants and appropriate facilities. Customised training course can also be developed based on the customer's need.

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A professional training organisation

  • Guaranteed acquisition of new skills
• Dedicated training teams close to you
• 50 training centers around the world 

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