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Can I get Test and Calibration Certicates for Schneider Electric Power Meters online?

As a first step in making you efforts minimal in getting these T & C Certificates.....
The team in the SE, PM Bangalore factory, has now developed a web tool which you can use now, to generate these certificates.

In Phase I of this project  you can generate the T & C certificates only for the following models

PM1XXX - Global Product
PM5XXX - Global Product
EM64XX - Predominately sold in India
EM7XXX - Predominately sold in India
DM6XXX - Global Product
EM1XXX - Global Product
DM1XXX - Global Product
DM3XXX - Global Product
ELF32XX - Predominately sold in India

Pls  also note that this facility is available for all the above meters mfged post 1st Jan 2009..

All you need to do is log into the link below and feed in the Serial number of the meter in order to generate the T & C Certificate... as simple as that,..

Please use the following link..


The site will ask for user name and password.

Username: your SESA id
password: your system password

NOTE: This is only available to people who use APA domain.
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