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How to select VarSet Power Factor Correction using the EZ Selector

Selecting the appropriate VarSet Power Factor Correction capacitor banks for your specific application.

Product Line:
VarSet Power Factor Correction
VarSet Standard Systems
VarSet Detuned Systems


The VarSet EZ Selection Tool makes it easy to choose the correct product for your application.

Before attempting to build a part with the EZ Selector, please make sure to confirm the following information:
  1. Main Type (Main CB or Main Lugs)
  2. System type (480V or 600V)
  3. KVAR required
  4. CT Primary Current (if a CT is needed)
Make note that the VarSet capacitor bank EZ Selector will give a separate part number for the current transformer, so if a CT is not needed, the VarSet part number will not include it.

IMPORTANT: Always start at the top of the selector and proceed downward in sequence when using the Safety Switch EZ Selector Tool.
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