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Minera SGrid

Smart Grid Oil-immersed transformer up to 1000kVA-36kV. Solution for integrating more renewable energy in smart grid with fewer costs

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Minera PV

Oil type transformer for Photovoltaic up to 4MVA - 36kV. Transformers for grid-connected photovoltaic systems

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Minera HG

Homopolar Generator up to 24kV - 10A (permanent current). Solution to connect neutral from your back-up power substation to earth network

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Minera SP

Self Protected Transformer up to 630kVA - 24kV. Designed to equip rural and suburban public HV distribution network

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Minera R

Rectifier Transformer up to 80MVA, 170kV. Dedicated solutions for applications with very high current and harmonic levels

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Minera Ex

Transformers for explosive areas 60MVA, 36kV. Safety solution for explosive atmospheres

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Minera E

Earthing Transformer up to 72.5kV - 15.000A. Designed to create the HV network neutral point and to limit the fault current in the phase-earth connection

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Compact & Fire Resistant Oil-Immersed Transformer up to 3.3MVA - 36kV. Ultra-compact equipment specifically built for customer’s complex mechanical and electrical environments

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Vegetable Oil-Immersed Transformer up to 100MVA - 170kV. An effective and eco-citizen solution for your particular distribution network

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BC Indugo

Impregnated and Cast Resin dry type Inductances up to 24 kV - 20kA. Safety and environmental friendly solution to the requirements of all sectors of activity

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