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    Witness the biggest breakthrough in electrical systems transformation

    Future of Power Distribution

    Future Ready Digital Air Circuit Breaker

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    Introducing EcoStruxure™ Power

    IoT-connected solutions ready to improve every aspect of your power distribution system. Take total control with real-time data and smart analytics for predictive maintenance.

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    Life-saving RELIABILITY

    Building a state-of-the-art, sustainable children’s hospital is a bold idea. Nemours Children’s Hospital ensures emergency generators restore life-saving power in 10 seconds or less and medical teams have clean, uninterrupted power for RELIABILITY with Schneider EcoStruxure™ Power.

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    Creating a new energy paradigm

    The way we produce and consume energy has profoundly changed. Learn how Schneider Electric™ is harnessing new technologies to redefine power distribution through this interactive guide.

    Discover a new era of IoT
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    Redefining the future

    With open integration, real-time operations and analytics, and increased levels of cybersecurity, EcoStruxure Power makes the most of new opportunities created by intelligent devices and digitisation to deliver improved reliability, safety, efficiency, sustainability and connectivity.

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    EcoStruxure™ Power

    EcoStruxure Power delivers safe, highly reliable, and energy-efficient electrical distribution systems for low and medium voltage architectures. Our IoT-enabled power management solutions enhance connectivity, real-time operational reliability, and smart analytics for peace of mind and significant financial benefits to businesses of all sizes and maturity levels.
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    Powering into the digital future... today

    Whether you design, build, operate, or service buildings or critical facilities, discover four ways to manage today’s new power distribution model in our complimentary e-Guide. Learn more

    Facts about EcoStruxure Power

    • Up to 15% reduction in maintenance costs
    • Up to 10% reduction in energy spend
    • Up to 15% reduction in project costs
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    • Masterpact MTZ incorporates the latest digital technologies.

      An EcoStruxure Power connected product, Masterpact MTZ air circuit breaker takes the lead in power uptime and energy efficiency. Building on the legendary performance, reliability and safety of the Masterpact range, the Masterpact MTZ circuit breaker is Future Ready.

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      Masterpact MTZ circuit breakers Are you ready for the next level of Masterpact™ innovation Be Ready
    • An industrial service engineer conducts a safety check of a control panel in a boiler room. He is wearing hi vis, hard hat, safety glasses and holding a digital tablet as he conducts a safety inspection.
      Connectivity ready See Masterpact MTZ smartphone connectivity with remote alerts and secure wireless maintenance. Watch Video
    • An employee checking on the electrical machine and writing down what he notices, energy management, power management, field service
      Upgrade ready See Masterpact MTZ future scalability with digital modules that adapt to your needs. Check Out
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      EcoStruxure™ Success Stories University of Rochester
      Improving the health of URMC's electrical infrastructure with EcoStruxure Asset Advisor.
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      Connectivity Ready

      Stay connected through the app, for instant notifications, remote diagnostics and secure maintenance.
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      Precision Ready

      Improve precision and save energy via built-in Class 1 power metering and instant views of power consumption.
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      Upgrade Ready

      Upgrade and customize effortlessly with downloadable digital modules for advanced functions.
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      Environment Ready

      Ensure reliability even in harsh environments with improved mechanical and electrical performance.
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      Installation Ready

      Streamline installation with proven architectures, embedded Class 1 power metering, and Ethernet connection.
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      Integration Ready

      Integrate seamlessly with any building and energy management system through Schneider Electric Smart Panels.
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      Sustainability Ready

      Guarantee sustainability through environmental compliancy across all European and international energy efficiency regulations.

    The future is here. Be ready.

    Masterpact MTZ circuit breakers - A new digital user experience. Harness new technologies to redefine power distribution.

    Exploring Masterpact MTZ

    • Future Ready for Specifiers and System Designers

    • Future Ready for Panel Builders and Contractors

    • Future Ready for the Connected World

    • The Future Ready Hospital

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