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    Smart Panel

    Give it a voice with EcoStruxure™ Power for small and medium buildings from Schneider Electric.

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    How can Smart Panels benefit you?

    The EcoXpert program connects you to our worldwide network of expert system integrators, application providers, and technology companies, and can help you understand how EcoStruxure can address your specific needs.

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    • Introducing Smart Panels, an EcoStruxure Power solution

      Improve uptime with Smart Panels and EcoStruxure energy and asset monitoring technologies.

      By connecting cutting-edge hardware with innovative software, Smart Panels enable you to pinpoint overloads and inefficiencies proactively, make informed decisions that improve operational efficiency, and finally stop chasing vague alarms.

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      Help safeguard people and equipment with reliable, high-performance technology in every breaker and residual current device.
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      Because Smart Panels connect via Ethernet, they use minimal bandwidth and allow you to monitor your building in real time.
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      Comprehensive data and detailed email alerts help you proactively increase operational efficiency, energy efficiency, reliability, and safety.
    Smart Panels are simple, Ethernet-connected solutions for managing power distribution. They give your electrical equipment the ability to directly communicate to you. Instead of spending hours or days gathering the information you need, it arrives in real time. Data is presented clearly on your computer or smart device, giving you the big picture so you can easily keep track of your building’s electrical system status.
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    Why Smart Panels?

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      Ethernet-ready Smart Panels’ Ethernet architecture eases bandwidth concerns and allows you to monitor your building in real time. Using Schneider Electric circuit breakers with Enerlin’X components, Smart Panels deliver data directly to your computer or smart device.
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      Flexible and scalable Smart Panels can be connected to Schneider Electric circuit breakers with Micrologic trip units from 20 A to 6,000 A. They're also easily scalable – Smart Panels can monitor and control a single breaker or an entire low-voltage electrical distribution system.
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      Custom email alerts The Smart Panels communication modules — including IFE, SmartLink, and Com’X — are preprogrammed with helpful email alerts. Simply activate the alerts you want, then input the email addresses where you want them sent. When an alert is triggered, it’s delivered with the details you need to take action.
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      Remote monitoring Smart Panels allow you to manage your electrical distribution assets in different locations across a campus or around the globe. Monitor energy information as well as physical properties including trip status, cycle count, and contact wear indicators.
    • How can Smart Panels help you?

      I design

      For electrical system designers and consultants, Smart Panels help ensure compliance with standards and regulations. They improve design efficiency and provide simple, flexible, and open architectures.

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      I build

      For panel builders, Smart Panels provide a way to implement smart technologies using a simple plug-and-play architecture, and provide contractors with clear proof of readiness for commissioning.

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      I install

      For contractors, Smart Panels provide complete, easy-to-implement solutions, secure project lead time and quality, and cost-savings from design to commissioning.

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      I operate

      For building owners and managers, Smart Panels enable operational efficiency, energy expense optimization, and 100% uptime and fail-safe operation.

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    Easy setup with Ecoreach software

    Configure and commission your Smart Panels easily with Ecoreach software, featuring smart device discovery, connectivity testing and one-click manufacturer test reporting.
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    • Think big. Partner up.

      The Schneider Electric Partner Program provides software, tools, and educational resources you can use to stay on top of the latest trends and ahead of the competition.

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    • Introducing EcoStruxure Power

      IoT-connected solutions ready to improve every aspect of power distribution systems. Give your customers total control with real-time data and smart analytics for predictive maintenance.

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