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    Power Management for Data Centers

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Improving both reliability and energy efficiency: Power availability and reliability are critical to your operations. A disruption or unplanned downtime can seriously impact your profitability and competitiveness. Additionally, customer demands for increased computing power expands load density and cooling requirements, resulting in higher energy needs, power consumption and operational costs.
  • Solutions

    With the world's largest, most advance range of software, meters, breakers and relays, PowerLogicTM systems work to help reveal reliability risks and new cost-saving opportunities.
  • Value Proposition

    Schneider Electric power solutions for Data Centers help you move beyond business as usual. Our specialized and focused power management system provides power system intelligence for the entire power distribution infrastructure of your data center. Ensuring your data center can be operated at the design level of reliability while minimizing energy costs and making the most of your current assets.
  • Differentiation

    Our expertise in power management in data centers is extensive. We can help you in the evaluation of current performance, identification of opportunities for efficiency gains, implementation of energy-saving actions and methodologies for tracking and measuring results. We can even help you in taking your data center off the grid with our Micorgrid solutions.
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    Decrease the number and duration of unplanned outages
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    Improve cost allocation by understanding peak usage
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    Streamline root cause analysis